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Liquid Gold CBD Nespresso Pod Sleeve (10pack) -

Liquid Gold CBD Nespresso Pod Sleeve (10pack)

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Productivity without stress, in a capsule.

Every coffee bean may be created equally, but not every cup of coffee is. When brewing coffee from bean to cup, so many variables can potentially effect the profile of your brew, and maintaining consistency can be difficult. With the Liquid Gold CBD Coffee capsule, a perfect coffee is no longer a privilege, it is a guarantee.

Still with pure, tasteless CBD, and our premium Liquid Gold three bean blend. We've endeavoured to ensure the CBD content, combined with the caffeine of the coffee, is measured to give you the perfect texture, taste and experience. Enjoy your CBD coffee with the press of a button.


Better crema, better coffee.

The reason we call Liquid Gold CBD Coffee 'Coffee 2.0' is not just because of the internal benefits associated with its consumption. The presence of CBD enhances the texture of the brew, which is represented by a prominent layer of crema present in our capsule coffee.

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Liquid Gold CBD Coffee Capsule

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